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Labour market challenges in the post-apartheid South Africa
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Income and Non-Income Inequality in Post-Apartheid South Africa: What are the Drivers and Possible Policy Interventions?
South Africa has historically been ranked as one of the most unequal societies in the world and, while the country has experienced sustained positive economic growth since 1994, the impact of thisExpand
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The Post-Apartheid South African Labour Market
Since the demise of apartheid, the South African economy has undergone significant changes with the government implementing various policies aimed at redressing the injustices of the past, fleshingExpand
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Decomposing Shifts in Labour Demand in South Africa
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The cost of “doing business” and labour regulation: The case of South Africa
The "Employing Workers" indices compiled from the World Bank's Doing Business (DB) survey for 2006 presented mixed results as to the nature and extent of labour regulation in South Africa. ArguingExpand
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The impact of sectoral minimum wage laws on employment, wages, and hours of work in South Africa
This paper attempts to investigate the impact of sectoral wage laws in South Africa. Specifically, we examine the impact of minimum wage laws promulgated in the Retail, Domestic work, Forestry,Expand
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Modelling Vulnerability and Low Earnings in the South African Labour Market
Drawing on a comparative overview of the earnings function work on South Africa, this article presents an alternative and comprehensive model of earnings in the South African labour market. Gauteng,Expand
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Minimum Wage Violation in South Africa
Minimum wage legislation is central in South African policy discourse, with both strong support and strong opposition. The validity of either position depends, however, on the effectiveness ofExpand
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The challenge of growth, employment and poverty in the South African economy since democracy: an exploratory review of selected issues
The welfare challenges in post‐apartheid South Africa are best represented by the triumvirate of poverty, income inequality and unemployment. In turn, the one generally accepted mechanism forExpand
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