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A Source Book for Literacy Work: Perspective from the Grassroots
A Discourse on Impact Evaluation
Evaluation of the impact of a social intervention is complex. A social intervention cannot be designed as an invariant input for un-mixed and singular results. Agents and conditions of implementationExpand
Reclaiming Old Heritage for Proclaiming Future History: The Knowledge-for-Development Debate in African Contexts
In the context of the overarching processes of globalization, a model including two intersecting dialectics is offered: one between education and development, and another between indigenous andExpand
World trends and issues in adult education
An Overview of Literacy in Sub-Sahara Africa—Images in the Making
The choice of a policy perspective in writing this paper is justifiable for at least two reasons: discussion will be oriented toward policy decisions; and analysis could draw from a whole array ofExpand
Social and Cultural Contexts of Educational Evaluation: A Global Perspective
The cultures of the world are located in history and, over long periods in time, have changed in transmission and by transformation. In dialectical relationships between and among themselves, theyExpand