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Kinetics and properties of beta-ketothiolase from Clostridium pasteurianum.
With respect to enzyme kinetics and sensitivity to inhibitors and metabolites the beta-ketothiolases of C. pasteurianum and A. eutrophus were rather similar; in the range of low concentrations of acetoacetyl-CoA only a slight inhibition by CoASH was observed. Expand
Kinetics and properties of β-ketothiolase from Clostridium pasteurianum
Abstract1.Ketothiolase of Clostridium pasteurianum was purified 130-fold by ammonium sulphate fractionation and by column chromatography using DEAE-Sephadex A-50 and hydroxylapatite. Subjected to gelExpand
The Nitrogen‐Fixing System of Corynebacterium autotrophicum
Both nitrogenase components were isolated and purified from sucrose-grown, nitrogen-fixing cells of Corynebacterium autotrophicum by DEAE-cellulose and Sephadex gel chromatography. The MoFe proteinExpand
Scale-up of enzymatic peptide synthesis in an enzyme membrane reactor
A 0.2-liter enzyme membrane reactor was used to scale-up an enzymatic peptiude synthesis. Kyotorphin, an analgesic dipeptide, was synthesized by α-chymotrypsin and was obtained from the primaryExpand
Identification and physiological characterization of the nitrogen fixing bacterium Corynebacterium autotrophicum GZ 29
The coryneform hydrogen bacterium strain GZ 29, assigned to Corynebacterium autotrophicum fixed molecular nitrogen under Autotrophic as well as under heterotrophic (sucrose) conditions, and reached a maximal value of 65 mg N fixed/g sucrose consumed at the beginning of the exponential growth phase. Expand
Molecular hydrogen: A new inhibitor of photosynthesis in the blue-green alga (cyanobacterium), Anabaena sp. TA 1
It is concluded, that H2 inhibits electron flow in the photosynthetic electron transport chain at a site between photosystem II and photosystem I. Expand
Evidence for Carbon Monoxide Insensitive Respiration in the Aerobic Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Azotobacter vinelandii OP and Xanthobacter autotrophicus GZ 29
Abstract In intact cells of the non-gummy Azotobacter vinelandii OP CO-insensitivity of the respiratory activity increased with decreasing dissolved oxygen tension in the bacterial suspension. UponExpand
[Synthesis of various extracellular enzymes by Erwinia carotovora].
  • H. Berndt
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Archiv fur Mikrobiologie
  • 24 May 1973