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Postoperative Stroke in Cardiac and Peripheral Vascular Disease
The postoperative stroke rate in 330 patients requiring coronary artery (170) or peripheral vascular (160) surgery was compared with the presence of carotid bruits and the results of noninvasiveExpand
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Contracture in Isolated Adult Rat Heart Cells: Role of Ca2+, ATP, and Compartmentation
Isolated intact quiescent myocytes from the adult rat were used as a model system for investigating the determinants of contracture induced by metabolic deprivation. The model simulated the patternExpand
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Inhibition of ATP-Sensitive Potassium Channels of Adult Rat Heart Cells by Antiarrhythmic Drugs
We have investigated the effect of antiarrhythmic drugs on the increased potassium conductance induced in isolated adult rat heart cells by ATP depletion. The rate of 86Rb uptake in the presence ofExpand
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Modulation of cellular calcium stores in the perfused rat heart by isoproterenol and ryanodine.
The inhibitory action of procaine on cellular calcium release was utilized to define a new cellular calcium pool which, under physiological conditions, is present only during catecholamineExpand
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Metabolic Cost of the Stimulated Beating of Isolated Adult Rat Heart Cells in Suspension
Heart cells from adult rats were induced to beat in suspension by electric field stimulation. We have gained evidence that all the rod-shaped cells in suspension were indeed beating, and that theExpand
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Inhibition of calcium influx in isolated adult rat heart cells by ATP depletion.
Using 45Ca, indo1, and quin2, calcium uptake was measured in isolated quiescent adult rat heart cells under different metabolic conditions. Exposure of cells in a medium containing 1 mM CaCl2 toExpand
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Synchronous depletion of ATP in isolated adult rat heart cells.
We tested the hypothesis that isolated adult rat heart cells could be depleted of most of their ATP without undergoing contracture. Two strategies for ATP depletions were employed. First, cells wereExpand
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Na+ releases Ca2+ from liver, kidney and lung mitochondria
Intracelhrlar CaZ’ has assumed increasing importance as a regulator of a variety of cellular processes, including muscle contraction, secretion and cell division [l]. A prime candidate for aExpand
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Histochemical and Structural Changes in Human Myocardial Cells After Cardiopulmonary Bypass
The histochemical and ultrastructural effects of extracorporeal circulation and aortic cross-clamping during coronary heart surgery have been examined in drill biopsy samples of the left ventricle inExpand
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Comparison of Ca2+, Sr2+, and Mn2+ fluxes in mitochondria of the perfused rat heart.
The amount of readily exchangeable Ca2+ in mitochondria of an isolated working rat heart is less than 10 ng-ions/g heart. We therefore conclude that either no Ca2+ enters mitochondria or that the Ca+Expand
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