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IgE autoantibodies directed against the major bullous pemphigoid antigen in patients with a severe form of pemphigoid.
Bullous pemphigoid (BP) is an autoimmune subepidermal blistering disease characterized in part by circulating and tissue-bound IgG autoantibodies directed against the basement membrane zone. InExpand
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Contact dermatitis from didecyldimethylammonium chloride and bis‐(aminopropyl)‐laurylamine in a detergent‐disinfectant used in hospital
Case Report A 24-year-old woman, a hospital employee for 2 years, with no history of atopy, presented with a 2-month history of dermatitis of the dorsum of the hands and wrists, which occurred duringExpand
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Keratoderma with scleroatrophy of the extremities or sclerotylosis (Huriez syndrome): a reappraisal
Keratoderma with scleroatrophy of the extremities, also referred to as Huriez syndrome, is a rare, autosomal dominant condition, first described in 42 of 132 members of two families from northernExpand
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[Enoxaparin-induced cutaneous necrosis localized on insulin lipodystrophies].
INTRODUCTION Low-molecular weight heparin-induced cutaneous necrosis is exceptional. Pathogenesis remains unclear. We report an exceptional case with elective localization of the necrotic areas inExpand
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lnterferon‐α in combination with corticosteroids improves systemic mast cell disease
SIR. Systemic mast cell disease (SMCD) is characterized by abnormal proliferation of mast cells which inflltrate the bone marrow, spleen, liver, lymph nodes and skin. Histamine and other mediatorsExpand
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[Pemphigus vulgaris induced by radiotherapy].
A 54-year-old male patient who had been suffering from lymphoma for four years developed pemphigus vulgaris three weeks after exposure to radiotherapy. Skin lesions were initially strictly confinedExpand
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Dermatomyositis with follicular hyperkeratosis.
We report 2 cases of dermatomyositis with follicular hyperkeratosis (FHK) in children. They occurred in a 10-year-old Vietnamese girl and a 9-year-old Caucasian boy. The girl's FHK disappeared afterExpand
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[Solid facial edema associated with acne. Therapeutic efficacy of isotretinoin].
Persistent solid facial edema is considered a complication of acne vulgaris and has never been reported in the French literature. The authors report the cases of 2 patients, a 15-year old girl and aExpand
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[Ofuji's eosinophilic pustular folliculitis. Efficacy of acitretin].
BACKGROUND We report the first case of eosinophilic pustular folliculitis (Ofuji's disease) which was successfully treated with acitretin. CASE REPORT A 50-year old women (HIV negative) hadExpand
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