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Chemotaxis in Escherichia coli analysed by Three-dimensional Tracking
Chemotaxis toward amino-acids results from the suppression of directional changes which occur spontaneously in isotropic solutions.
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Movement of microorganisms in viscous environments
SOME microorganisms swim well in solutions containing viscous agents (molecules with long unbranched chains, such as methylcellulose)1–7. Leptospira, a slender helical bacterium, swims more rapidlyExpand
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Bacteria Swim by Rotating their Flagellar Filaments
IT is widely agreed that bacteria swim by moving their flagella, but how this motion is generated remains obscure1,2. A flagellum has a helical filament, a proximal hook, and components at its baseExpand
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Dynamic properties of bacterial flagellar motors
  • H. Berg
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  • Nature
  • 3 May 1974
TETHERED bacteria1 rotate at the angular velocity at which the torque generated by the flagellar motor2 is balanced by the torque due to the viscous drag. In general, M = bηΩ, where M is the torque,Expand
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Specification of Gradients used for Studies of Chemotaxis
THE responses of motile bacteria to various chemicals were studied in the 1880s by Pfeffer1, who inserted a capillary tube containing a solution of an attractant into a suspension of bacteria andExpand
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Elastic anomalies at the second-order phase transition in MnAs
The elastic modulus combinations s11, 2s13 + s44, and s44 — 2s12 of MnAs are measured for temperatures between 290 and 420 K. At Tt = 400 K divergent behaviour of s11 and s13 is found, indicatingExpand
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Double exchange in CrxMn1−xas compounds1)
The magnetic moment M and the specific resistivity ϱ of CrxMn1−xAs polycrystals are measured for temperatures between 5 and 300 K and for eight different compositions. Structures in the ϱ(T) and M(T)Expand
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[A low-risk substance for the lowering of reused levels of blood lipids].
Low temperature resistivity minimum in MnAs1−xPx compounds
Abstract The conductivity and the magnetic moment of MnAs 1− x P x single crystals have been measured in the temperature range from 5 to 300 K and for compositions between x = 0.03 and x = 0.12.Expand
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