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The multivariate advantage in fat determination in meat by bench-top NMR
Abstract The intention of the present work was to investigate the potential improvement of a multivariate extension to the existing measurements of fat in meat performed with bench-top NMR. State ofExpand
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Factors Influencing Seed: Ovule Ratios and Reproductive Success in Four Cleistogamous Species: A Comparison between Two Flower Types
Factors influencing seed:ovule ratios and reproductive success in four cleistogamous species: a comparison between two flower types
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Dissolution kinetics of ferroalloys in steelmaking process
The dissolution times of 75% ferrosilicon (75FeSi), silicomanganese (SiMn), high carbon ferromanganese (HCFeMn), and high carbon ferrochrome (HCFeCr) alloys were determined experimentally in steelExpand
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Elijah Muhammad: an African American MuslimMufassir?
L'A. etudie l'arriere-plan islamique chez Elijah Muhammad, sa relation avec l'erudition islamique du Coran ainsi que son attitude envers le Coran et la Bible. Il decrit quels ont ete les passagesExpand
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Mythmaking in the African American Muslim Context: The Moorish Science Temple, the Nation of Islam, and the American Society of Muslims
Two of the earliest African American Muslim movements, the Moorish Science Temple founded by Noble Drew Ali and the Nation of Islam founded by Wali Fard Muhammad and developed by the Honorable ElijahExpand
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The Development of Exegesis in Early Islam: The Authenticity of Muslim Literature from the Formative Period
The most important debate in Islamic origins is that of the reliability of the lists of transmitters (isnads) that are said to guarantee the authenticity of the materials to which they are attached.Expand
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The Essence of Essentializing: A Critical Discourse on “Critical Discourse in the Study of Islam”
Abstract Many scholars have called for more critical discourse in the study of Islam, particularly in response to post-9/11 scholarly and popular depictions of a normative, spiritual Islam inExpand
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Recombinant human preproinsulin. Expression, purification and reaction with insulin autoantibodies in sera from patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
A novel prokaryotic expression vector pGEX-6T was designed for high-level expression of recombinant fusion protein with a histidine-hexapeptide and glutathione-S-transferase at its N-terminus and theExpand
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