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A literature review of agile practices and their effects in scientific software development
The nature of scientific research and the development of scientific software have similarities with processes that follow the agile manifesto: responsiveness to change and collaboration. Expand
Assessing Software Product Maintainability Based on Class-Level Structural Measures
We survey, structure and discuss current practices on this topic, and apply alternative strategies on four functionally equivalent systems that were constructed as part of a multi-case study. Expand
Perceived productivity threats in large agile development projects
We conducted repertory grid interviews with 13 project members on their perceptions of threats to productivity. Expand
Using planning poker for combining expert estimates in software projects
When producing estimates in software projects, expert opinions are frequently combined. Expand
A comparison of model-based and judgment-based release planning in incremental software projects
  • H. Benestad, J. Hannay
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 33rd International Conference on Software…
  • 21 May 2011
We compared input factors assumed by release planning models with factors considered by expert planners. Expand
Understanding software maintenance and evolution by analyzing individual changes: a literature review
Change-based studies analyze data that describes the individual changes made to software systems. Expand
A multiple-case study of software effort estimation based on use case points
We investigated the use case points method in a multiple case study in which 35 companies responded to a tender for a web-based system. Expand
Understanding cost drivers of software evolution: a quantitative and qualitative investigation of change effort in two evolving software systems
We quantitatively analyzed data from version control systems and change trackers to identify factors that correlated with change effort. Expand
Benefit Points: The Best Part of the Story
We have developed a bundle of easy-to-use core practices that help systematize a project's evolving knowledge. Expand
Does the prioritization technique affect stakeholders' selection of essential software product features?
We investigated whether certain attributes of prioritization techniques affect stakeholders' threshold for judging product features as essential. Expand