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by Laser Ablation
Abstract — This paper describes the development of Hg 0.8 Re 0.2 Ba 2 Ca 2 Cu 3 O 8.8 thick film prepared with a precursor Ba 2 Ca 2 Cu 3 O 5+d thick film, which was layered by Laser AblationExpand
Magnetic moment generation from non-minimal couplings in a scenario with Lorentz-symmetry violation
AbstractThis paper deals with situations that illustrate how the violation of Lorentz symmetry in the gauge sector may contribute to magnetic moment generation of massive neutral particles with spin-Expand
Aspects of causality and unitarity and comments on vortexlike configurations in an Abelian model with a Lorentz-breaking term
The gauge-invariant Chern-Simons-type Lorentz- and CPT-breaking term is here reassessed and a spin-projector method is adopted to account for the breaking (vector) parameter. Issues like causality,Expand
Aharonov-Bohm Effect for Bound States on the Confinement of a Relativistic Scalar Particle to a Coulomb-Type Potential in Kaluza-Klein Theory
Based on the Kaluza-Klein theory, we study the Aharonov-Bohm effect for bound states for a relativistic scalar particle subject to a Coulomb-type potential. We introduce this scalar potential as aExpand
On the effects of the Lorentz symmetry violation yielded by a tensor field on the interaction of a scalar particle and a Coulomb-type field
Abstract We analyse the interface between a theory that goes beyond the Standard Model and quantum mechanics. Based on a line of research that deals with the violation of the Lorentz symmetry, whereExpand
Structural and magnetic investigation of Ca2MnReO6 doped with Ce
We have studied the properties of Ce doping in Ca-site of Ca2MnReO6 double perovskite up to 10%. These compounds have presented a monoclinic cell with P21/n space group. A small increase of latticeExpand
Dimensional Reduction of a Lorentz and CPT-violating Maxwell-Chern-Simons Model
Taking as starting point a Lorentz and CPT non-invariant Chern-Simons-like model defined in 1+3 dimensions, we proceed realizing its dimensional reduction to D=1+2. One then obtains a new planarExpand
Lorentz-violating corrections on the hydrogen spectrum induced by a nonminimal coupling
The influence of a Lorentz-violating fixed background on fermions is considered by means of a torsion-free nonminimal coupling. The nonrelativistic regime is assessed and the Lorentz-violatingExpand
Study of calcium oxalate monohydrate of kidney stones by X-ray diffraction
X-ray powder diffraction was used to study the phase composition of human renal calculi. The stones were collected from 56 donors in Vitória, Espírito Santo state, southeastern Brazil. An XRD phaseExpand
On the influence of a Rashba-type coupling induced by Lorentz-violating effects on a Landau system for a neutral particle
We study a possible scenario of the Lorentz symmetry violation background that allows us to build an analogue of the Landau system for a nonrelativistic Dirac neutral particle interacting with aExpand