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Photochemistry of matrix isolated (trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl azide, CF₃SO₂N₃.
The photochemistry of matrix isolated (trifluoromethylsulfonyl) azide, CF3SO2N3, has been studied at low temperatures. Upon ArF laser irradiation (λ = 193 nm), the azide eliminates N2 and furnishesExpand
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Conflicting observations resolved by a far IR and UV/Vis study of the NO3 radical.
By codeposition of NO/Ne and O(2)/Ne mixtures at 6 K, weakly bound complexes between O(2) and NO are formed. They exhibit a strong, structured charge transfer UV band at lambda(max)=275 nm. The UVExpand
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Thermally persistent fluorosulfonyl nitrene and unexpected formation of the fluorosulfonyl radical.
Thermally persistent triplet sulfonyl nitrene, FSO(2)N, was produced in the gas phase in high yields (up to 66%) by flash vacuum pyrolysis of FSO(2)N(3). Surprisingly, no rearrangement of FSO(2)N wasExpand
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Elusive diazirinone, N2CO.
viewed as dimers of the very stable diatomic molecules CO and N2. Thus, they represent a very special class of molecules. The consequent metastability also serves to make their preparation andExpand
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The missing link: triplet fluorocarbonyl nitrene FC(O)N.
The elusive triplet fluorocarbonyl nitrene, FC(O)N (X(3 A''), has been generated in high yield from matrix-isolated FC(O)N(3) by ArF excimer laser photolysis (λ=193 nm). As a side product FNCO wasExpand
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Intermediates involved in the oxidation of nitrogen monoxide: photochemistry of the cis-N(2)O(2)O(2) complex and of sym-N(2)O(4) in solid Ne matrices.
Pure sym-N(2)O(4) isolated in solid Ne was obtained by passing cold neon gas over solid N(2)O(4) at -115 degrees C and quenching the resulting gaseous mixture at 6.3 K. Filtered UV irradiationExpand
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Fluorine-Rich Fluorides: New Insights into the Chemistry of Polyfluoride Anions.
Polyfluoride anions have been investigated by matrix-isolation spectroscopy and quantum-chemical methods. For the first time the higher polyfluoride anion [F5 ](-) has been observed under cryogenicExpand
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Synthesis and characterization of carbonyl diazide, OC(N3)2.
The previously recognized "extremely explosive" carbonyl diazide, OC(N(3))(2), was prepared as a pure compound and unambiguously characterized by gas-phase IR, matrix IR, and Raman spectroscopy andExpand
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Low-pressure pyrolysis of tBu2SO: synthesis and IR spectroscopic detection of HSOH.
Sulfenic acid (HSOH, 1) has been synthesized in the gas-phase by low-pressure high-temperature (1150 degrees C) pyrolysis of di-tert-butyl sulfoxide (tBu(2)SO, 2) and characterized by means of matrixExpand
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Difluoro-lambda(5)-phosphinonitrile F(2)P[triple bond]N: matrix isolation and photoisomerization into FP=NF.
Splendid isolation: Monomeric phosphazene F(2)PN ((1)A(1)) was prepared for the first time through irradiation of F(2)PN(3) in an argon matrix with an ArF excimer laser (lambda=193 nm). UponExpand
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