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Ricardo's Volte-Face on Machinery
  • H. Barkai
  • Economics
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • 1 June 1986
A formal restatement of the numerical example Ricardo invoked to explain his change of mind on the feasibility of the depressing effect of technology on labor underlines the analytical difficultyExpand
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Growth patterns of the kibbutz economy
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Ricardo on Factor Prices and Income Distribution in a Growing Economy
1. One of the fundamental problems considered by the classical economists was that of the causes and consequences of economic growth. Among these consequences particular attention was devoted to theExpand
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Don Patinkin’s Contribution to Economics in Israel
Don Patinkin is the man who almost single-handedly established Israeli Economics as an academic discipline and, at the same time, showed how this discipline could be applied to the analysis ofExpand
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Kibbutz efficiency and the incentive conundrum
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The Impact of Experience on Kibbutz Farming
T is an accepted proposition that there is a positive association between efficiency and experience in production. Yet, until quite recently, only industrial engineers tried to estimate and evaluateExpand
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A Formal Outline of a Smithian Growth Model
I. The aggregate production function, 396. — II. The determinants of the state of technology, 398. — III. The long-run pattern of social product, 400. — IV. Capital and the profit rate, 404. — V.Expand
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Productivity Patterns, Exchange Rates, and the Gold Standard Restoration Debate of the 1920s
L'A. rappelle le debat des annees 20 en Angleterre sur la restauration ou non de l'or. Il souligne la position de Keynes (qui s'y opposait), et examine a partir de donnees economiques lesExpand
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Ricardo's Static Equilibrium
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