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Economic crossroads: The experiences of Nigeria and lessons from Malaysia
Nigeria has the potential to become Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest economy and a major player in the global economy by virtue of its human and natural resource endowment. These potentials have remainedExpand
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Legal Protection of Protected Wildlife in the Criminal Law System in Indonesia
This research was to examine the protection of protected wildlife which was natural resource that must be managed wisely because the scarcity of protected wildlife. The research method used normativeExpand
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Customary Justice as an Alternative Justice System in Indonesia
Customary justice is a process for examining, adjudicating and deciding on a case that has been carried out long ago by almost all parts of the archipelago. Customary justice aims to try cases asExpand
The Nature Criminal Act of Money Laundering in The Criminal Justice System in Indonesia
The objectives of this research are: To analyze and discover the essence of criminal punishment of laundering in the criminal justice system, and to analyze and discover the criminalizing practicesExpand
The Effectiveness of Law Enforcement on Child Protection for Cybercrime Victims in Indonesia
This study aims to examine the effectiveness of law enforcement on the protection of children victims of cybercrime in Indonesia. The method used is empirical legal research, which examines the lawExpand
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The Nature of Enforcement of Criminal Environmental Laws in Administration of Coastal Areas of Makassar City
Thepurpose of this study is to analyze and discover the nature of criminal law enforcement in the arrangement of coastal areas, South Makassar City, along Jalan Metro Tanjung Bunga, Tamalate DistrictExpand