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Resveratrol stimulates glucose transport in C2C12 myotubes by activating AMP-activated protein kinase
It is shown that t-RVT increases glucose uptake in C2C12 myotubes by activating AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), uncovering an antidiabetic potential of t- RVT for the first time. Expand
Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
The existing reviews of massage therapy (MT) research are either limited to infants, adults, or were conducted prior to the publication of the most recent studies using pediatric samples. RandomizedExpand
The Nuclear Factor of Activated T Cells (Nfat) Transcription Factor Nfatp (Nfatc2) Is a Repressor of Chondrogenesis
NFATp is a repressor of cartilage cell growth and differentiation and also has the properties of a tumor suppressor. Expand
An alternative way to individualized medicine: psychological and physical traits of Sasang typology.
The Sasang typology could serve as a scientific tool for individualized and integrative medicine and demonstrate distinctive personality traits associated with Sasang types using reproducible psychometric and anthropometric instruments. Expand
Cortical astrocytes rewire somatosensory cortical circuits for peripheral neuropathic pain.
It is concluded that reawakened astrocytes are a key trigger for S1 circuit rewiring and that this contributes to neuropathic mechanical allodynia. Expand
Naturally occurring tyrosinase inhibitors: mechanism and applications in skin health, cosmetics and agriculture industries
The inadequacy of current conventional methods to prevent tyrosinase action encourages researchers to seek new potent tyrosine inhibitors for food and cosmetics. Expand
Survey and mechanism of skin depigmenting and lightening agents
The type and amount of melanin synthesized by the melanocyte, and its distribution pattern in the surrounding keratinocytes, determines the actual color of the skin. Melanin forms through a series ofExpand
The antioxidant effects of genistein are associated with AMP-activated protein kinase activation and PTEN induction in prostate cancer cells.
Genistein induces antioxidant enzymes through AMPK activation and increased PTEN expression, indicating the effects of genistein primarily depend on AMPK. Expand
Inhibitory effects of casticin on migration of eosinophil and expression of chemokines and adhesion molecules in A549 lung epithelial cells via NF-κB inactivation.
Results suggest that casticin has the potential for use in the treatment of allergic asthma by suppressing the NF-κB pathway. Expand
Anti-Inflammatory Applications of Melittin, a Major Component of Bee Venom: Detailed Mechanism of Action and Adverse Effects
The current knowledge on the therapeutic effects of melittin and its detailed mechanisms of action against several inflammatory diseases including skin inflammation, neuroinflammation, atherosclerosis, arthritis and liver inflammation, its adverse effects as well as future prospects regarding the use ofmelittin are reviewed. Expand