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Autism-like socio-communicative deficits and stereotypies in mice lacking heparan sulfate
It is demonstrated that heparan sulfate is critical for normal functioning of glutamatergic synapses and that its deficiency mediates socio-communicative deficits and stereotypies characteristic for autism.
Galmic, a nonpeptide galanin receptor agonist, affects behaviors in seizure, pain, and forced-swim tests.
The present work uses the tripeptidomimetic galnon and displays its presumed pharmacophores on a rigid molecular scaffold and provides an example of a systemically active compound based on a scaffold that mimics protein surfaces.
A role for protein kinase intracellular messengers in substance P‐ and nociceptor afferent‐mediated excitation and expression of the transcription factor Fos in rat dorsal horn neurons in vitro
Data support a causal relationship between protein kinase A‐ or C‐dependent signal transduction, nociceptive afferent‐ or NK1R‐induced neuronal excitation and Fos expression in dorsal horn.