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On the Development and Measurement of Spatial Ability.
The importance of spatial ability in learning different school subjects and being successful at certain jobs has been recognized globally. The vast majority of the studies on the topic have focusedExpand
Ethnic Differences in Students’ Attitudes to the Arts: Providing Validity Evidence to Make Comparisons
Previous research suggests that non-cognitive factors play an important role in promoting success at school and beyond, aligning with the multifaceted goals of education. Enhancing students’Expand
Correlates of Scientific Literacy
Students' views about pedagogical competence of lecturers
The purpose of this study is to examine the students’ views about faculty members’ pedagogical proficiencies and to determine if these views differ in terms of selected variables. The sample of theExpand
A Comparison of IRT Model Combinations for Assessing Fit in a Mixed Format Elementary School Science Test.
Open ended and multiple choice questions are commonly placed on the same tests; however, there is a discussion on the effects of using different item types on the test and item statistics. This studyExpand