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An algorithm for a selective nearest neighbor decision rule (Corresp.)
A procedure is introduced to approximate nearest neighbor (INN) decision boundaries. Expand
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Phosphonomycin, a New Antibiotic Produced by Strains of Streptomyces
Phosphonomycin is a newly discovered antibiotic produced by streptomycetes. It is effective, when administered by the oral route, to mice infected with Gram-positive or Gram-negative microorganisms.Expand
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Bacteriostatic and Bactericidal Substances Produced by a Soil Actinomyces.∗
Summary The bacteriostatic and bactericidal substance produced by a soil Actinomyces was shown to consist of 2 compounds, designated as “actinomycin A” and “actinomycin B”. The first is highlyExpand
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Thienamycin, a new beta-lactam antibiotic. I. Discovery, taxonomy, isolation and physical properties.
A new beta-lactam antibiotic, named thienamycin, was discovered in culture broths of Streptomyces MA4297. The producing organism, subsequently determined to be a hitherto unrecognized species, isExpand
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Fosfomycin: Laboratory studies.
Fosfomycin, a nontoxic broad-spectrum antibiotic, different in structure from all previously described antibiotics, acts selectively by inhibiting cell wall formation. It was overlooked during manyExpand
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Cephamycins, a New Family of β-Lactam Antibiotics I. Production by Actinomycetes, Including Streptomyces lactamdurans sp. n1
A number of actinomycetes isolated from soil were found to produce one or more members of a new family of antibiotics, the cephamycins, which are structurally related to cephalosporin C. TheExpand
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Microbiological Aspects of Penicillin: I. Methods of Assay.
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The Soil as a Source of Microorganisms Antagonistic to Disease-Producing Bacteria.
Bacteria pathogenic for man and animals find their way to the soil, either in the excreta of the hosts or in their remains. If one considers the period for which animals and plants have existed onExpand
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Actinomyces antibioticus, a New Soil Organism Antagonistic to Pathogenic and Non-pathogenic Bacteria.
In a search for microorganisms antagonistic to bacteria, especially to the gram-negative ones, the bacterial-agar plate method was used (Waksman and Woodruff, 1940a). This consists in adding aExpand
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Bacillin, a New Antibiotic Substance from a Soil Isolate of Bacillus subtilis.
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