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Bremazocine: a potent, long-acting opiate kappa-agonist.
Abstract The benzomorphan analogue bremazocine is a potent, centrally-acting analgesic with a long duration of action. In animal models it is free of physical and psychological dependence liability,Expand
Unexpected opioid activity in a known class of drug.
Tifluadom, although structurally a 1,4 benzodiazepine, has no affinity for the 3H-flunitrazepam binding site, but is a potent displacer of 3H-bremazocine from its opioid binding site. Tifluadom isExpand
Evidence for analgesic activity of enkephalin in the mouse
HUGHES et al.1 have recently described the identification and structure elucidation of methionine- and leucine-enkephalin, the postulated endogenous morphine-like factors from mammalian brain2–4. TheExpand
An opioid benzodiazepine
Although the benzodiazepines have been extensively investigated since their discovery about 20 years ago1, only recently have antagonists of the classical actions of benzodiazepines been described2.Expand
CY 208-243: a unique combination of atypical opioid antinociception and D1 dopaminomimetic properties.
Here we describe the potent antinociceptive action of the indolophenanthridine, CY 208-243, which has high affinities to the dopamine D1 binding and the opioid sites as well as to the 5-HT1A site.Expand
Valorphin: A novel chemical structure with opioid activity
Valorphin is a semisynthetic derivative of dihydrovaltrate with opioid analgesic activity. In vitro binding studies using brain homogenates from rat and guinea-pig indicate a preference for theExpand