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Terrestrial Space Radiation and Its Biological Effects
Radiation Environment in Space.- The Earth's Trapped and Transient Space Radiation Environment.- Ambient Electron Density Distribution at About 500 km Altitude at the Earth's Ionosphere.- The SpaceExpand
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Inactivation probability of heavy ion-irradiated Bacillus subtilis spores as a function of the radial distance to the paricle's trajectory
The understanding of the radiobiological action of heavy ions requires the knowledge of the dependence of the inactivation probability on the distance between the particle's trajectory and theExpand
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Radiobiological investigations of cosmic HZE-particles with visual track detectors in the biostack experiment
Abstract The aim of the Biostack, namely, to contribute to a dosimetry of the HZE-particles as the highly structured component of the cosmic radiation, leads to a variety of physical and biologicalExpand
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Heavy ion induced double strand breaks in bacteria and bacteriophages.
DNA damage induced by heavy ions in bacterial cells and bacteriophages such as Bacillus subtilis, E. coli and Bacteriophage T1 were investigated by analyzing the double strand breaks in theExpand
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Radiation Problems in Manned Spaceflight — European Efforts
Since the beginning of manned spaceflight the problems of radiation protection against the various components of ionizing radiation in space have been an active concern. Radiation measurements wereExpand
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Radiation and Microgravity Effects Observed in the Insect System Carausius morosus
Abstract Among the biological problems that arise in long duration spaceflights, weightlessness and ionizing radiation appear to be the main risk factors. A precise differentiation between theExpand
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Measurements of cosmic ray nuclei with energies of some hundred MeV/nucleon in the LDEF mission
Abstract As a contribution to the FREE FLYER BIOSTACK EXPERIMENT (A0015) we have flown CR-39 plastic nuclear track detectors on board LDEF. Although low energy fully-ionized galactic cosmic raysExpand
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