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Amplitude-aware permutation entropy: Illustration in spike detection and signal segmentation
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Signal segmentation and spike detection are two important biomedical signal processing applications. Often, non-stationary signals must be segmented into piece-wiseExpand
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Improved multiscale permutation entropy for biomedical signal analysis: Interpretation and application to electroencephalogram recordings
Abstract Permutation entropy (PE) is a well-known and fast method extensively used in many physiological signal processing applications to measure the irregularity of time series. Multiscale PE (MPE)Expand
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Refined composite multivariate generalized multiscale fuzzy entropy: A tool for complexity analysis of multichannel signals
Multiscale entropy (MSE) is an appealing tool to characterize the complexity of time series over multiple temporal scales. Recent developments in the field have tried to extend the MSE technique inExpand
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An Improved Signal Segmentation Using Moving Average and Savitzky-Golay Filter
Analysis of long-term EEG signals needs that it be segmented into pseudo stationary epochs. That work is done by regarding to statistical characteristics of a signal such as amplitude and frequency.Expand
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Fouling mitigation in membrane bioreactors using multivalent cations.
Several cations have been used to study the effect of mineral coagulants on activated sludge properties and membrane fouling in submerged membrane bioreactors (MBRs). The flocculability and settlingExpand
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A New Neural Network Approach for Face Recognition based on Conjugate Gradient Algorithms and Principal Component Analysis
This paper presents a new approach based on conjugate gradient algorithms (CGAs) and principal component analysis (PCA) for face recognition. First, images are decomposed into a set of time-frequencyExpand
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Soluble microbial products (SMPs) release in activated sludge systems: a review
This review discusses the characterization, production and implications of soluble microbial products (SMPs) in biological wastewater treatment. The precise definition of SMPs is open to talk about,Expand
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A New Signal Segmentation Approach Based on Singular Value Decomposition and Intelligent Savitzky-Golay Filter
Signal segmentation, dividing non-stationary signals into semi-stationary parts that each has rather equal statistical characteristics is necessary in many signal analysis approaches. In thisExpand
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An Improved Signal Segmentation Method using Genetic Algorithm
ABSTRACT In many signal processing application, the signal of interest is often divided into epochs. In these applications, the segmented signal is preferred to have no change on the statisticalExpand
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Multiscale dispersion entropy for the regional analysis of resting-state magnetoencephalogram complexity in Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive and irreversible brain disorder of the nervous system affecting memory, thinking, and emotion. It is the most important cause of dementia and an influentialExpand
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