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Effect of the preparation method on Au/Ce-Ti-O catalysts activity for VOCs oxidation
Abstract Studies concerning the preparation of gold phases dispersed on binary Ce-Ti oxide (Ce0.3Ti0.7O2) were performed in order to elaborate catalysts for total oxidation of VOCs. Solids containingExpand
Influence of Na+ ion doping on the phase change and upconversion emissions of the GdF3: Yb3+, Tm3+ nanocrystals obtained from the designed molecular precursors
Bottom-up synthesis of a series of GdF3 nanocrystals (NCs) co-doped with 20 mol% Yb3+, 2 mol% Tm3+ and varying amount of Na+ ions is reported using novel molecular precursors [Ln2(TFA)6(diglyme)2]Expand
Aqueous phase (catalytic) wet air oxidation of ammonia: Thermodynamic considerations
Abstract The equilibrium concentrations in ammonia and ammonium ion in the liquid and gas phases could be calculated in the temperature range 25–250 °C, under typical operating conditions for theExpand
Le radar est un outil d’investigation geophysique, il est utilise aujourd’hui dans divers domaines, dans les travaux publics, le genie civil, en archeologie, en hydrogeologie et egalement dans laExpand
Catalytic wet air oxidation of ammonia in water over manganese-based oxide catalysts: Impact of the redox state of manganese
Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of ammonia in water over manganese-based oxide catalysts: Impact of the redox state of manganese Hana AYADIa, Laurence BOISb, Claude DESCORMEa,* aUniversity of Lyon, CNRS,Expand
Catalyseurs performants pour le traitement de la pollution organique azotée par Oxydation en Voie Humide Catalytique
Des catalyseurs a base d'oxyde de manganese ont ete prepares par differentes voies et evalues dans l'Oxydation en Voie Humide Catalytique de l'ammoniaque. Les catalyseurs sont actifs, selectifs enExpand
[Total hip arthroplasty in patients younger than 30 years old: presentation of the series and analysis method].
h s ( C r S J G G R A Une étude multicentrique a donc été réalisée en rassemblant l’expérience de 23 centres reconnus dans le domaine de l’arthroplastie du sujet jeune, répartis sur l’ensemble duExpand