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Laser Interferometer Space Antenna
Following the selection of The Gravitational Universe by ESA, and the successful flight of LISA Pathfinder, the LISA Consortium now proposes a 4 year mission in response to ESA's call for missionsExpand
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Sub-Femto-g Free Fall for Space-Based Gravitational Wave Observatories: LISA Pathfinder Results.
We report the first results of the LISA Pathfinder in-flight experiment. The results demonstrate that two free-falling reference test masses, such as those needed for a space-based gravitational waveExpand
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The Gravitational Universe
The last century has seen enormous progress in our understanding of the Universe. We know the life cycles of stars, the structure of galaxies, the remnants of the big bang, and have a generalExpand
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LISA Pathfinder
M Armanoa, H Audleyb, J Bairdc, P Binetruy d,∗, M Bornb, D Bortoluzzie, E Castellif , A Cavallerif , A Cesarinig , A M Cruiseh, K Danzmannb, M de Deus Silvaa, I Diepholzb, G Dixonh, R Dolesif , LExpand
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LISA Pathfinder: mission and status
LISA Pathfinder, the second of the European Space Agency's Small Missions for Advanced Research in Technology (SMART), is a dedicated technology demonstrator for the joint ESA/NASA LaserExpand
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Beyond the Required LISA Free-Fall Performance: New LISA Pathfinder Results down to 20  μHz.
In the months since the publication of the first results, the noise performance of LISA Pathfinder has improved because of reduced Brownian noise due to the continued decrease in pressure around theExpand
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Data series subtraction with unknown and unmodeled background noise
LISA Pathfinder (LPF), the precursor mission to a gravitational wave observatory of the European Space Agency, will measure the degree to which two test masses can be put into free fall, aiming toExpand
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From laboratory experiments to LISA Pathfinder: achieving LISA geodesic motion
This paper presents a quantitative assessment of the performance of the upcoming LISA Pathfinder geodesic explorer mission. The findings are based on the results of extensive ground testing andExpand
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Coupling characterization and noise studies of the optical metrology system onboard the LISA Pathfinder mission.
We describe the first investigations of the complete engineering model of the optical metrology system (OMS), a key subsystem of the LISA Pathfinder science mission to space. The latter itself is aExpand
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