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Estructura, Biomasa a\'erea y carbono almacenado en los bosques del Sur y Noroccidente de c\'ordoba
We estimated the aerial biomass and stored carbon in twelve types of forests in the department of C\'ordoba with annual rain fall ranging from 3000 mm (super humid climates) to 1300 mm (semi-humidExpand
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Di-neutrons in neutron matter within a Brueckner-Hartree-Fock approach
We investigate the appearance of di–neutron bound states in pure neutron matter within the Brueckner–Hartree–Fock approach at zero temperature. We consider the Argonne v18 and Paris bare interactionsExpand
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Proton-proton bremsstrahlung and the off-shell behavior of the NN interaction
Abstract The ppγ reaction is studied in an effort to better understand the properties of this reaction for probing the off-shell behavior of the NN interaction. Particular emphasis is placed onExpand
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Sensitivity of Nucleon{nucleus Scattering to the Oo{shell Behavior of On{shell Equivalent Nn Potentials Typeset Using Revt E X 1
The sensitivity of nucleon{nucleus elastic scattering to the oo{shell behavior of realistic nucleon{nucleon interactions is investigated when on{shell equivalent nucleon{nucleon potentials are used.Expand
Nuclear halo structure from quasielastic charge-exchange reactions
Neutron and proton densities in the nuclear periphery are investigated within (p,n) charge-exchange isobar transitions. For this purpose we have developed parameter-free optical potentials 1) with aExpand
Utilidad diagnóstica de los indices metabólicos en hiperparatiroidismo primario
Dans cette etude on constate que les tests diagnostiques sont incapables de determiner le type d'hyperparathyroidisme
0 10 50 75 v 1 3 0 M ay 2 00 1 Nucleon-Nucleon and Nucleon-Nucleus Optical Models for Energies to 3 GeV and the Question of NN
Within the key issues of hadronic physics one of the interesting issues in nuclear physics is whether there is a transition region between meson-nucleon and quark-gluon degrees of freedom in the NNExpand
Microscopic analysis of K+-nucleus elastic scattering based on K+-nucleon phase shifts
We investigate ${K}^{+}$-nucleus elastic scattering at intermediate energies within a microscopic optical model approach using the current ${K}^{+}$-nucleon (KN) phase shifts from the Center forExpand
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