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Mathematical theory of quantum fields
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Relative Entropy for States of von Neumann Algebras II
Earlier definition of the relative entropy of two faithful normal positive linear functionals of a von Neumann algebra is generalized to non-faithful functionals. Basic properties of the relativeExpand
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Entropy inequalities
Some inequalities and relations among entropies of reduced quantum mechanical density matrices are discussed and proved. While these are not as strong as those available for classical systems theyExpand
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Ground states of theXY-model
AbstractGround states of theX Y-model on infinite one-dimensional lattice, specified by the Hamiltonian $$---J\left[ {\sum {\left\{ {(1 + \gamma )\sigma _x^{(j)} \sigma _x^{(j)} + (1 - \gamma )\sigmaExpand
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On Quasi-equivalence of Quasifree States of the Canonical Commutation Relations
A necessary and sufficient condition for two quasifree states of CCR's (the canonical commutation relations) to yield quasi-equivalent representations is obtained, in the most general setting whereExpand
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Collision cross sections in terms of local observables
Asymptotic relations for matrix elements of quasilocal operators are given which generalize and extend the Lehmann-Symanzik-Zimmermann relations. These relations allow the simulation of a coincidenceExpand
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C*-Algebra Approach to Ground States of the XY-Model
C*-algebras are known to provide a proper mathematical framework for quantum Statistical mechanics of spin systems on an infinitely extended lattice in the same way as Hilbert spaces for quantumExpand
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A Remark on Machida-Namiki Theory of Measurement
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Extension of KMS states and chemical potential
AbstractWe present an algebraic description of the concept of chemical potential for a general compact gauge groupG, as a first step in the classification of thermodynamical equilibrium states of aExpand
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