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Charged pion form factor between Q2=0.60 and 2.45 GeV2. II. Determination of, and results for, the pion form factor
The charged pion form factor, F{sub {pi}}(Q{sup 2}), is an important quantity that can be used to advance our knowledge of hadronic structure. However, the extraction of F{sub {pi}} from dataExpand
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Charged pion form factor between $Q^2$=0.60 and 2.45 GeV$^2$. I. Measurements of the cross section for the ${^1}$H($e,e'\pi^+$)$n$ reaction
Cross sections for the reaction 1 H(e, e'π + )n were measured in Hall C at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab) using the high-intensity Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator FacilityExpand
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Determination of the pion charge form factor for Q 2 = 0.60 1.60 GeV 2
The data analysis for the reaction {sup 1}H(e,e{sup '}{pi}{sup +})n, which was used to determine values for the charged pion form factor F{sub {pi}} for values of Q{sup 2}= 0.6-1.6 GeV{sup 2}, hasExpand
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Phenomenology of the deuteron electromagnetic form factors
Abstract: A rigorous extraction of the deuteron charge form factors from tensor polarization data in elastic electron-deuteron scattering, at given values of the 4-momentum transfer, is presented.Expand
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Precision measurement of the neutron magnetic form factor
We present a precise measurement of the neutron magnetic form factor Gmn at low momentum transfer (q = 1.69 fm−1). From a simultaneous measurement of D(e, e′ n) and D(e, e′ p) we obtain the ratio ofExpand
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Precise Neutron Magnetic Form Factors
Precise data on the neutron magnetic form factor Gmn have been obtained with measurements of the ratio of cross sections of D(e, en) and D(e, ep) up to momentum transfers of Q 2 = 0.9 (GeV/c) 2 .Expand
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Tensor analyzing power Ayy of -p radiative capture
Abstract Proton-deuteron radiative capture has been studied with polarized deuterons at a laboratory deuteron energy E d = 45 MeV. Precise data for the tensor analyzing power A yy have been measuredExpand
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Precise measurements of the neutron magnetic form factor 1 Work supported by the Schweizerische Nati
Abstract The neutron magnetic form factor Gmn has been determined via a measurement of the ratio of cross sections D(e,e′n) and D(e,e′p). The absolute detection efficiency of the neutron detector wasExpand
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Tensor polarization in elastic electron-deuteron scattering to the highest possible momentum transfers
In elastic electron-deuteron scattering, the tensor polarization moments t 20 , t 21 and t 22 , together with the unpolarized cross-sections, have been measured up to a momentum transfer of 1.8Expand
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Measurement of the charged pion electromagnetic form factor.
Separated longitudinal and transverse structure functions for the reaction 1H(e,e(')pi(+))n were measured in the momentum transfer region Q2 = 0.6--1.6 (GeV/c)(2) at a value of the invariant mass W =Expand
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