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Nonprofit Organizations: Theory, Management, Policy
Part I: Studying Nonprofit Organizations 1. Studying Nonprofit Organizations 2. Historical Background 3. Concepts Part II: Dimensions 4. Dimensions I: Overview 5. Dimensions II: Specific Fields 6.Expand
Social Origins of Civil Society: Explaining the Nonprofit Sector Cross-Nationally
Recent research has usefully documented the contribution that nonprofit organizations make to “social capital” and to the economic and political development it seems to foster. Because of a grossExpand
Defining the NonProfit Sector: A Cross-National Analysis
The growth of the non-profit, voluntary or third sector has been widely recognized throughout the world. This text seeks to provide a definition and a common classification of the non-profit sector,Expand
Managing non-profit organisations: towards a new approach
This paper puts forth the thesis that the management of non-profit organisations is often ill understood because we proceed from the wrong assumptions about how these organisations operate. Based onExpand
In search of the non-profit sector. I: The question of definitions
In this paper we argue that the lack of attention to the third sector historically is primarily a result of the weakness and limitations of the concepts that are used to define and describe it. TheExpand
The Sociology of Nonprofit Organizations and Sectors
Interest in and research on nonprofit organizations and sectors have developed rapidly in recent years. Much of this work by sociologists has focussed on particular subsectors rather than onExpand
Volunteering in cross-national perspective: initial comparisons
Despite a growing interest in volunteering at national and international levels, few studies have explored comparative aspects of voluntary activities. To remedy this situation, this paper looks atExpand
Nonprofit Organizations: Theory, Management and Policy
This text is the first to dedicate itself to the nonprofit sector. It provides a comprehensive overview of nonprofit and voluntary organizations, nongovernmental organizations, philanthropicExpand
Forms of Capital and Social Structure in Cultural Fields: Examining Bourdieu's Social Topography
This article tests one key assumption of Bourdieu's theory of culture fields: that actors are positioned in a "topography" of social relations according to their endowments of economic, social, andExpand