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Modal Languages and Bounded Fragments of Predicate Logic
Definition des fragments modaux de la logique des predicats a partir de formules du premier ordre qui sont des traductions des proprietes poly-modales elementaires. Distinguant les fragmentsExpand
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Complexity of Equations Valid in Algebras of Relations: Part II: Finite Axiomatizations
  • H. Andréka
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Ann. Pure Appl. Log.
  • 8 December 1997
Abstract We study algebras whose elements are relations, and the operations are natural “manipulations” of relations. This area goes back to 140 years ago to works of De Morgan, Peirce, Schroder (whoExpand
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Operators and Laws for Combining Preference Relations
The paper is a theoretical study of a generalization of the lexicographic rule for combining ordering relations. We define the concept of priority operato r: a priority operator maps a family ofExpand
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A Stone-type representation theorem for algebras of relations of higher rank
The Stone representation theorem for Boolean algebras gives us a finite set of equations axiomatizing the class of Boolean set algebras. Boolean set algebras can be considered to be algebras of unaryExpand
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The equational theory of union-free algebras of relations
We solve a problem of Jónsson [12] by showing that the class ℛ of (isomorphs of) algebras of binary relations, under the operations of relative product, conversion, and intersection, and with theExpand
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Notions of Density That Imply Representability in Algebraic Logic
Abstract Henkin and Tarski proved that an atomic cylindric algebra in which every atom is a rectangle must be representable (as a cylindric set algebra). This theorem and its analogues forExpand
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Cylindric-like algebras and algebraic logic
Introduction.- H. Andreka and I. Nemeti: Reducing First-order Logic to Df3, Free Algebras.- N.Bezhanishvili: Varieties of Two-Dimensional Cylindric Algebras.- R. Hirsch and I. Hodkinson: CompletionsExpand
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The generalized completeness of Horn predicate-logic as a programming language
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Finite Algebras of Relations Are Representable on Finite Sets
Using a combinatorial theorem of Herwig on extending partial isomorphisms of relational structures, we give a simple proof that certain classes of algebras, including Crs. polyadic Crs, and WA, haveExpand
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