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Antifungal activities and chemical composition of some medicinal plants.
Investigation of the antifungal activities of the essential oils of some medicinal plants showed that natural antimicrobial substances are inexpensive and have fewer side effects, they convey potential for implementation in fungal pathogenic systems. Expand
Performance enhancement of perovskite solar cell by controlling deposition temperature of copper phthalocyanine as a dopant-free hole transporting layer
Abstract In this study, an efficient perovskite solar cell is introduced using dopant-free and needle-like copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) in role of a hole selective layer. The needle-like structureExpand
Effect of ZnS nanoparticles on the optical properties of polyvinyl alcohol.
films of .PVA-ZnS nanocomposites with different weight percent (wt%) have been prepared using solution cast technique, the weight of PVA is constant (1gm) with the ZnS ratios were (0.01,0.02, 0.03,Expand
The effect of annealing on the structural and optical constants of SnS/ZnS bilayer thin film prepared by vacuum evaporation
Thin films of SnS/ZnS were deposited on glass substrates by thermal evaporation technique at room temperature. The effect of film annealing on the structure and optical properties of SnS/ZnS film hasExpand