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Mosquito Biodiversity and Intensiveness in the Mountain and Beach Ecosystem of Luwu District
Mosquito are small insects, have three pairs of legs, two scaly wings, and a mouth (proboscis) to pierce and suck blood. Mosquito have various characteristics, especially in the morphology of theExpand
Chlorpyrifos Residue in Washed and Unwashed Tomatoes
The use of chlorpyrifos insecticide by farmers is one of the ways to increase crop productivity. However, its residues in agricultural products will result in many health problems, both acute andExpand
Determinants of Occupational Health and Safety Problems among Seaweed Workers in Takalar Regency
Seaweed industry is one of the most growing marine sector of industry in South Sulawesi. It is generally assumed that, seaweed workers are vulnerable to experience workplace injury and occupationalExpand
Study on Identification of Rats and the Existence of Leptospira Bacteria. sp in the Flood Area of Puskesmas Tempe, Wajo District
Background: Leptospirosis is one of the emerging infectious diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria called Leptospira and is transmitted from animals to humans (zoonosis). Mice as one of theExpand
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Relationship Between Climate and Diarrhoea
Diarrhea is still a public health problem in developing countries. Climate is one of the contributing factors that may affect the occurrence of diarrhea. This study aimed to determine theExpand
Brightness, elongation and thickness of edible film with caseinate sodium using a type of plasticizer
The use of plasticizer could improve the flexibility, elasticity and friability of edible films. The characteristics of edible film made from caseinate sodium were influenced by the use ofExpand
Analysis of the Relationship of Noise Exposure and Hearing Loss in PPSU Workers in North Jakarta
Hearing loss is one of the many health problems experienced by workers in high noise exposure areas. The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between noise intensity and hearing lossExpand
Microplastic Depuration on Asaphis Detlorata
Depuration is an effort to reduce/eliminate contamination including microplastics, which one is using a water circulation system. This study aims to determine the effective depuration time to reduceExpand
Risk Factors Analysis and Mapping of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Community Health Centre Tamalatea of Jeneponto District
BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis (TB) remains a global health problem, and in Indonesia, although TB control efforts have been carried out since 1995. TB is ranked 9th as the leading cause of deathExpand