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Isolation of a New Anti-Allergic Phlorotannin, Phlorofucofuroeckol-B, from an Edible Brown Alga, Eisenia arborea
Eisenia arborea is an edible brown alga occasionally used as a folk medicine in gynecopathy in Japan. A new phlorotannin was isolated from the alga during our search for naturally occurringExpand
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Anti-Allergic Phlorotannins from the Edible Brown Alga, Eisenia Arborea
Eisenia arborea, an edible brown alga, is occasionally used as a folk medicine due to its anti-allergic effect. In the present study to identify the anti-allergic constituents in the alga, theExpand
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Effect of a seaweed mixture on serum lipid level and platelet aggregation in rats
To assess the effect of a seaweed mixture on lipid levels in serum as well as platelet aggregation in rats, Eisenia bicyclis (‘Arame’), Hizikia fusiformis (‘Hijiki’) and Undaria pinnatifidaExpand
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Inhibitory effects of seaweeds on histamine release from rat basophile leukemia cells (RBL-2H3)
The effects of 80% methanol extracts from frozen samples of 41 macroalgae and one sea grass collected in the Ise-Shima region of Japan were investigated on histamine release from rat basophileExpand
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Antitumor activity of marine algae
Powdered tissue from 46 species of air-dried marine algae (four green, 21 brown and 21 red algae) were screened for antitumor activity. Significant activity against Ehrlich carcinoma was found in theExpand
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Detection and quantitative analysis of zoospores of Pythium porphyrae, causative organism of red rot disease in Porphyra, by competitive PCR
The detection and quantitative analysis of Pythium porphyraezoospores was performed by PCR using PP-1 and PP-2 primers specific tothe internal transcribed spacer region of P. porphyrae. ToExpand
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