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Evaluation of immunosuppression induced by metronidazole in Balb/c mice and human peripheral blood lymphocytes.
The immunomodulatory effect of metronidazole (MTZ), a nitroimidazole drug used as an antiprotozoal and antibacterial agent, was investigated using Balb/c mice and human peripheral blood lymphocytes.Expand
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Inhibition of hormone sensitive lipase and pancreatic lipase by Rosmarinus officinalis extract and selected phenolic constituents
Rosmarinus officinalis L. (Rosemary) has been long claimed to have hypogylcemic-hypolipidemic dual effects in folkloric medicine. In an effort to explain rosemary's claimed benefits, numerousExpand
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Skin-lightening practice among women living in Jordan: prevalence, determinants, and user's awareness.
BACKGROUND The use and misuse of skin-lightening products among women living in Arab communities have not been documented previously. This study investigates the determinants, the prevalence andExpand
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Synthesis and in vitro behavior of iron-crosslinked N-methyl and N-benzyl hydroxamated derivatives of alginic acid as controlled release carriers
Abstract N-methyl and N-benzyl hydroxylamines were synthetically conjugated to alginic acid to produce hydroxamated derivatives with different degrees of substitution. The new polymeric materialsExpand
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Sustained-release of buspirone HCl by co spray-drying with aqueous polymeric dispersions.
Sustained-release of buspirone HCl (BUH) was attempted by spray drying after dissolving in two commercially available aqueous polymeric dispersions (Eudragit RS 30 D or Kollicoat SR 30 D) at fiveExpand
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Screening of Some Medicinal Plants for their Pancreatic Lipase Inhibitory Potential
Obesity is a main risk factor for cardiovascular, metabolic and endocrine disorders. Despite significant improvements in public education and pharmacologic management in the last two decades, obesityExpand
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Controlled release properties of zein powder filled into hard gelatin capsules
Abstract This study aimed to investigate the relationship between controlled release behaviour, swelling and initial water sorption of zein powder filled into hard gelatin capsules. Release, releaseExpand
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In Vitro Artificial Membrane-Natural Mucosa Correlation of Carvedilol Buccal Delivery
Development and evaluation of buccal formulations is highly challenging and requires lengthy permeation studies. In vitro studies include preparation of freshly excised mucosa from sacrificed animalsExpand
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Sodium lauryl sulfate impedes drug release from zinc-crosslinked alginate beads: switching from enteric coating release into biphasic profiles.
The aim of this research is to investigate the effects of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) on ionotropically cross-linked alginate beads. Different levels of SLS were mixed with sodium alginate andExpand
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Evaluation of hydrophilic matrix tablets based on Carbopol® 971P and low-viscosity sodium alginate for pH-independent controlled drug release
Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate matrix tablets containing different ratios of Carbopol® 971P (CP) to low-viscosity sodium alginate (SA) and assess their suitability forExpand
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