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Toward a new horizon in information science: domain-analysis
This article is a programmatic article, which formulates a new approach to information science (IS): domain‐analysis. This approach states that the most fruitful horizon for IS is to study theExpand
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Toward a New Horizon in Information Science: Domain-Analysis
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Affordances in Activity Theory and Cognitive Systems Engineering
For the last decade, the Gibsonian concept of affordances has attracted much attention within Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) and related research communities. The application of Gibson's ideas inExpand
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Subject analysis and indexing: from automated indexing to domain analysis
Discusses the nature of subject analysis, suggesting three different conceptions of this: simplistic, content-oriented, and requirement-oriented, considering the type of subject information andExpand
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DiLAS: a Digital Library Annotation Service
In most contemporary digital library management systems (DLMS) the contents are conveyed to the user as a “collection of information items”, which can be searched or browsed. Expand
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The Dynamics of Classification Systems as Boundary Objects for Cooperation in the Electronic Library
The notion of the classification scheme as a transitional element or boundary object (Star, 1989) offers an alternative to the more traditional approach that views classification as an organizational structure imposed upon a body of knowledge to facilitate access within a universal and frequently static framework. Expand
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An analysis of some trends in classification research
This paper takes a second look at three prevailing main themes in knowledge organization: i) the academic disciplines as the main structural principle; ii) the fiction/non-fiction distinction; andExpand
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Cognitive work analysis and work centered design of classification schemes
This article introduces a work centered approach to the design of classification schemes, based on the framework of cognitive work analysis, for capturing evolving semantic structures in work domains. Expand
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A Web-based multimedia collaboratory. Empirical work studies in film archives
This report is based on empirical analysis of three film archives in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, and seeks to elicit the user needs for a collaboratory in this domain. Expand
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Work centered evaluation of collaborative systems - the Collate experience
The paper presents a qualitative empirical evaluation of a collaboratory for interactive knowledge integration within the domain of film archive research. Expand
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