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Synthesis and TNF-alpha inducing activities of mycoloyl-arabinan motif of mycobacterial cell wall components.
The extract of the cell wall skeleton of Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG-CWS) from Mycobacterium bovis is known to be an activator of innate immunity and aspects of the structure-activity relationship should be useful in finding the site of the activity. Expand
Syntheses, structures, and mesomorphism of a series of Ni(II) salen complexes with 4-substituted long alkoxy chains
Abstract A series of nickel(II) salen complexes containing 4-substituted alkoxy chains of aromatic rings, [Ni((4-C n H 2 n  + 1 O) 2 salen)] ( n  = 3 ( 1 ), 4 ( 2 ), 6 ( 3 ), 8 ( 4 ), 10 ( 5 ), 12 (Expand
Synthesis of optically active alkynyl alcohols and α-hydroxy esters by microbial asymmetric hydrolysis of the corresponding acetates
Abstract Asymmetric hydrolysis of the acetates of racemic alkynyl alcohols and α-hydroxy esters by Bacillus subtilis var. Niger afforded optically active acetates and alcohols in 7–90% opticalExpand
Stereoselective synthesis of a fragment of mycobacterial arabinan.
Strategies for the stereoselective synthesis of mycobacterial arabinan were explored and beta-selectivity was drastically enhanced by using donors protected with 3,5-TIDPS, possibly due to conformational constraints on the furanose ring. Expand
The structure of a new antibiotic, hygrolidin
Abstract The structure of a new antibiotic, hygrolidin has been determined as shown in fig. 3.
Synthesis of dendryphiellin C, a trinor-sesquiterpene from a marine source
Abstract Enantioselective synthesis of dendryphiellin C, isolated from cultures of Dendryphiella sarina , has been achieved in a convergent way such as coupling of a C9-branched carboxylic acid 10Expand
Chemoenzymatic oxygenation method for sesquiterpenoid synthesis based on Fe-chelate and ferric-chelate reductase
This work developed the chemoenzymatic oxygenation method based on the combination of Fe(II)-EDTA and ferric-chelate reductase that could synthesize (−)-rotundone, a key aroma sesquiterpenoid of black pepper, and investigated the effect of various Fe2+-chelates on the catalytic oxygenation of sesQuiterpenoids. Expand