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Association between body-mass index and risk of death in more than 1 million Asians.
BACKGROUND Most studies that have evaluated the association between the body-mass index (BMI) and the risks of death from any cause and from specific causes have been conducted in populations ofExpand
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The Broad Scope of Health Effects from Chronic Arsenic Exposure: Update on a Worldwide Public Health Problem
Background: Concerns for arsenic exposure are not limited to toxic waste sites and massive poisoning events. Chronic exposure continues to be a major public health problem worldwide, affectingExpand
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Arsenic exposure from drinking water, and all-cause and chronic-disease mortalities in Bangladesh (HEALS): a prospective cohort study
BACKGROUND Millions of people worldwide are chronically exposed to arsenic through drinking water, including 35-77 million people in Bangladesh. The association between arsenic exposure and mortalityExpand
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Evaluation of the Association between Arsenic and Diabetes: A National Toxicology Program Workshop Review
Background: Diabetes affects an estimated 346 million persons globally, and total deaths from diabetes are projected to increase > 50% in the next decade. Understanding the role of environmentalExpand
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Water Arsenic Exposure and Intellectual Function in 6-Year-Old Children in Araihazar, Bangladesh
Background We recently reported results of a cross-sectional investigation of intellectual function in 10-year-olds in Bangladesh, who had been exposed to arsenic from drinking water in their homeExpand
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Arsenic Metabolism, Genetic Susceptibility, and Risk of Premalignant Skin Lesions in Bangladesh
We conducted a case-control study to investigate interindividual variability in susceptibility to health effects of inorganic arsenic due to arsenic metabolism efficiency, genetic factors, and theirExpand
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Arsenic exposure from drinking water, dietary intakes of B vitamins and folate, and risk of high blood pressure in Bangladesh: a population-based, cross-sectional study.
The authors performed a cross-sectional analysis to evaluate the association between arsenic exposure from drinking water and blood pressure using baseline data of 10,910 participants in the HealthExpand
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Arsenic exposure from drinking water and risk of premalignant skin lesions in Bangladesh: baseline results from the Health Effects of Arsenic Longitudinal Study.
Millions of persons around the world are exposed to low doses of arsenic through drinking water. However, estimates of health effects associated with low-dose arsenic exposure have been extrapolatedExpand
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Variants of the adiponectin (ADIPOQ) and adiponectin receptor 1 (ADIPOR1) genes and colorectal cancer risk.
CONTEXT Current epidemiological evidence suggests an association between obesity, hyperinsulinemia, and colorectal cancer risk. Adiponectin is a hormone secreted by the adipose tissue, and serumExpand
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Gastroesophageal reflux disease, use of H2 receptor antagonists, and risk of esophageal and gastric cancer
AbstractObjective: The incidence of esophageal adenocarcinoma has risen rapidly in the past two decades, for unknown reasons. The goal of this analysis was to determine whether gastroesophagealExpand
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