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What We Know and Don’t Know About Corporate Social Responsibility
The authors review the corporate social responsibility (CSR) literature based on 588 journal articles and 102 books and book chapters. They offer a multilevel and multidisciplinary theoreticalExpand
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Benefits of training and development for individuals and teams, organizations, and society.
This article provides a review of the training and development literature since the year 2000. We review the literature focusing on the benefits of training and development for individuals and teams,Expand
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Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management
Chapter 1: Organizations, Work, and Applied Psychology Chapter 2: The Law and Human Resource Management Chapter 3: People, Decisions, and the Systems Approach Chapter 4: Criteria: Concepts,Expand
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Regression Analysis for Categorical Moderators
1. What Is a Moderator Variable and Why Should We Care? Why Should We Study Moderator Variables? Distinction between Moderator and Mediator Variables Importance of A Priori Rationale in InvestigatingExpand
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Statistical power problems with moderated multiple regression in management research
Due to the increasing importance of moderating (i.e., interaction) effects, the use of moderated multiple regression (MMR) has become pervasive in numerous management specialties such asExpand
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Effect size and power in assessing moderating effects of categorical variables using multiple regression: a 30-year review.
The authors conducted a 30-year review (1969-1998) of the size of moderating effects of categorical variables as assessed using multiple regression. The median observed effect size (f(2)) is onlyExpand
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Best Practice Recommendations for Designing and Implementing Experimental Vignette Methodology Studies
We describe experimental vignette methodology (EVM) as a way to address the dilemma of conducting experimental research that results in high levels of confidence regarding internal validity but isExpand
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Performance Management
This course text is part of the learning content for this Edinburgh Business School course. In addition to this printed course text, you should also have access to the course website in this subject,Expand
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The Too-Much-of-a-Good-Thing Effect in Management
A growing body of empirical evidence in the management literature suggests that antecedent variables widely accepted as leading to desirable consequences actually lead to negative outcomes. TheseExpand
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Cautionary Note on Reporting Eta-Squared Values from Multifactor ANOVA Designs
The authors provide a cautionary note on reporting accurate eta-squared values from multifactor analysis of variance (ANOVA) designs. They reinforce the distinction between classical and partialExpand
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