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Sensitivity analysis of site effects on response spectra of pipelines
In this paper, a numerical sensitivity analysis of the site effect on dynamic response of pipelines embedded in some idealised soil deposits resting on a halfspace covering a wide range of soilExpand
Finite element model for the probabilistic seismic response of heterogeneous soil profile
This paper deals with the numerical simulation of heterogeneous soil profile and its behavior under uniform seismic environment. Soil properties of interest are shear modulus, fraction of criticalExpand
Calculation of free field response spectrum of a non-homogeneous soil deposit from bed rock response spectrum
Abstract In this paper, a method to determine free field response spectrum of a soil deposit from a specified bed rock response spectrum is presented. This method treats the earthquake motion as ifExpand
Importance of spatial variability of seismic ground motion effects on long beams response
Rigorous seismic analysis of long structures requires a complete description of the free field ground motion. At a given site, the recorded motions at distinct points are different; this may inducedExpand
Charts for natural frequencies and transfer functions of inhomogeneous soil deposits
Most natural soil deposits have mechanical properties (strength, moduli of deformation) increasing with depth. However, simplified (analytical) methods used for the evaluation of the seismic responseExpand
An identification procedure of soil profile characteristics from two free field acclerometer records
In this paper, an analytical, numerical and experimental approach for identifying soil profile characteristics by using system identification and free field records, is presented. First, aExpand
Exact shape functions of imperfect beam element for stability analysis
  • R. Adman, H. Afra
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Adv. Eng. Softw.
  • 1 August 2007
In this paper, a versatile and efficient solution for the displacement function of a geometrical imperfect beam element under high axial load is derived. Expand
The present study investigates the contribution of soil layers stochasticity in spatial variation of seismic response spectra. Numerical examples showed that this stochasticity could affect seismicExpand
Identification and calibration of structural dynamic models from experimental data
ABSTRACT In this paper, the structural identification theory is used to derive and calibrate discrete and continuous models of a multi story steel building (Alta Bates hospital at Berkeley) and aExpand
IDENTIFICATION PROCEDURE Identification Method The present system identification method is based on the least squares minimization technique
In this paper, a new approach for soil profile characterization is validated. The soil characteristics are calculated by fitting the theoretical amplification functions to those obtainedExpand