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Miller-Dieker lissencephaly gene encodes a subunit of brain platelet-activating factor
PLATELET-ACTIVATING factor (PAF) is involved in a variety of biological and pathological processes1 and PAF acetylhydrolase, which inactivates PAF by removing the acetyl group at the sn-2 position,Expand
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FEEL-1 and FEEL-2 Are Endocytic Receptors for Advanced Glycation End Products*
Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are nonenzymatically glycosylated proteins, which accumulate in vascular tissues in aging and diabetes. Receptors for AGEs include scavenger receptors, whichExpand
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FEEL-1, a Novel Scavenger Receptor with in Vitro Bacteria-binding and Angiogenesis-modulating Activities*
Employing the expression cloning technique, we cloned a novel scavenger receptor that is structurally unrelated to other scavenger receptors. The cloned receptor containedfasciclin (Fas-1), epidermalExpand
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Expression Cloning of a Novel Scavenger Receptor from Human Endothelial Cells*
Scavenger receptors mediate the endocytosis of chemically modified lipoproteins, such as acetylated low density lipoprotein (Ac-LDL) and oxidized LDL (Ox-LDL), and have been implicated in theExpand
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Role of Scavenger Receptors in the Binding and Internalization of Heat Shock Protein 701
Extracellular heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) exerts profound effects both in mediating tumor rejection by Hsp70-based vaccines and in autoimmunity. Further progress in this area, however, awaits theExpand
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Identification of a PDZ-domain-containing protein that interacts with the scavenger receptor class B type I.
The scavenger receptor class B type I (SR-BI) mediates the selective uptake of cholesteryl esters from high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and cholesterol secretion into bile in the liver. In this study,Expand
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Primary structure of human microsomal dipeptidase deduced from molecular cloning.
Two cDNA clones corresponding to human microsomal dipeptidase (MDP, formerly referred to as dehydropeptidase-I or renal dipeptidase (EC] were isolated from human placental and renal cDNAExpand
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SREC-II, a New Member of the Scavenger Receptor Type F Family, Trans-interacts with SREC-I through Its Extracellular Domain*
The scavenger receptor expressed by endothelial cells (SREC) with an extremely large cytoplasmic domain, was originally identified in a human endothelial cell line. In this study, we have cloned aExpand
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Miller-Dicker lissencephaly gene encodes a subunit of brain platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase
Nature 370, 216-218 (1994) THE word 'acetylhydrolase' was accidentally omitted from the end of the title of this paper. The correct title should read "Miller-Dieker lissencephaly gene encodes aExpand
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Expression and function of fibronectin binding integrins on rat mast cells.
Adhesion molecules of the integrin family are implicated not only in leukocyte migration but also in leukocyte activation. Here we characterize the expression and function of fibronectin receptorExpand
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