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A Manual for the embedded figures tests
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Field-Dependent and Field-Independent Cognitive Styles and Their Educational Implications
s International, 1969, 29, 4868B-4869B. (University Microfilms No.
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Individual differences in ease of perception of embedded figures.
  • H. A. Witkin
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  • 1 September 1950
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Cognitive styles: essence and origins. Field dependence and field independence.
ISBN: 0823610039 ISBN13: 978-0823610037 Author: Herman A. Witkin Book title: Cognitive Styles, Essence and Origins: Field Dependence and Field Independence (Psychological Issues) Pages: 151Expand
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Studies in space orientation; further experiments on perception of the upright with displaced visual fields.
"The effects of visual frameworks of different tilt and of different bodily positions upon perception of the upright were investigated in 53 adult Ss. The visual field consisted of a simple luminousExpand
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The cognitive characteristics involved in a relatively field-dependent or field-independent cognitive style and the personal characteristics associated with these contrasting styles have been shownExpand
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Studies in space orientation; perception of the upright with displaced visual fields.
"By requiring the S to look into a tilted mirror scene while his body remains erect, we have essentially a situation where the visual coordinates are displaced while the postural upright remainsExpand
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Studies in space orientation; perception of the upright in the absence of a visual field.
"With the position of his body varied systematically, the S, in a completely darkened room, was required to adjust a luminous rod to the true vertical and horizontal. Judgments were found to be veryExpand
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