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Quality Control Chart for the Mean using Double Ranked Set Sampling
In this paper, an attempt is made to develop Quality Control Charts for monitoring the process mean based on Double Ranked Set Sampling (DRSS) rather than the traditional Simple Random Sampling
Statistical quality control based on ranked set sampling
Different quality control charts for the sample mean are developed using ranked set sampling (RSS), and two of its modifications, namely median ranked set sampling (MRSS) and extreme ranked set
Estimation of Ratio Using Rank Set Sampling
summary Ranked set sampling (RSS) as suggested by MCINTYRE (1952) and developed by TAMHASI and WAKIMOTO (1968) is used to estimate the ratio. It is proved that by using RSS method the efficiency of
Median ranked set sampling with size biased probability of selection
Median ranked set sampling may be combined with size biased probability of selection. A two-phase sample is assumed. In the first phase, units are selected with probability proportional to their
Pair Rank Set Sampling
Ranked set sampling (RSS) as suggested by McIntyre (1952) may be modified to introduced a new sampling method called pair rank set sampling (PRSS), which might be used in some area of application
Hypothesis tests on the scale parameter using median ranked set sampling
In this paper, some test procedures for scale parameters of exponential and rectangular distributions involving the median ranked set sampling (MRSS) method are discussed. The necessary tables for
Parameters Estimation in a Simple Linear Regression Using Rank Set Sampling
Ranked set sampling (RSS) as suggested by MCINTYRE (1952) and TAKAHASI and WAKIMOTO (1968) may be used to estimate the parameters of the simple regression line. The objective is to use the RSS method