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The course of the fibers arising from the nucleus gracilis and cuneatus of the cat
  • H. A. Matzke
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of comparative neurology
  • 1 June 1951
Efferent projections of the superior colliculus in the opossum
The Fink and Heimer technique was used to study the ascending and descending fiber degenerations resulting from unilateral electrolytic lesions in the superior colliculus of sixteen adult opossums.Expand
The effects of hyperosmolarity on the blood-brain barrier. A morphological and physiological correlation.
Abstract The effects of hyperosmolarity on the blood-brain barrier morphology and permeability were studied using light and electron microscopy in the adult rat cerebral cortex. Sucrose was used asExpand
Projections of the subnucleus caudalis of the trigeminal nucleus in the sheep
A study has been made of the efferent connections of the trigeminal sibnucleus caudalis in 12 shep. Lesions were placed in this nucleus either surgically or by means of an electrical cautery device.Expand
Efferent fibers of the deep cerebellar nuclei in hedgehogs
Three main deep cerbellar nuclei are apparent in hedgehogs belonging to the genera Erinaceus and Hemiechinus; however, at various levels they exhibit a considerable continuity with one another.Expand
Cognitive processes in learning neuroanatomy.
POLIOMYELITIS: III. Bulbar Poliomyelitis; A Study of Medullary Function
IN SPITE of an extensive literature on poliomyelitis, few publications have been devoted to a study of the medulla oblongata by either clinical or laboratory investigators. Most of the literatureExpand
Slow axoplasmic transport in the hibernating and nonhibernating ground squirrel
Abstract Our objectives were to examine the effects of temperature upon slow axoplasmic transport in crushed and intact sciatic nerves of hibernating and nonhibernating ground squirrels (SpermophilusExpand
A degeneration study of the course and extent of the pyramidal tract of the opossum
The pyramidal tract was studied in 12 adult opossums. The method employed consisted of unilateral ablation of the motor cortex followed by selective staining of the resulting fiber degeneration withExpand
Poliomyelitis. IV. A study of the midbrain.
IN MANY cases of poliomyelitis the lesions are not limited to the spinal cord but extend throughout the nervous system, implicating primarily the brain stem. The lesions within the medulla are oftenExpand