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Greening of the coasts: a review of the Perna viridis success story
The green mussel Perna viridis has been receiving a lot of attention from workers working in the research areas of intertidal ecology, aquaculture, pollution monitoring, biofouling, zoogeography andExpand
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Cooling water management in European power stations Biology and control of fouling
Colin Taylor is a Senior Environmental Officer in British Energy PLC's Health, Safety and Environment Division. Working in applied aquatic ecology, he is also responsible for dealing with theExpand
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Chlorination by-products in chlorinated cooling water of some European coastal power stations
Chlorination by-products (CBPs) are formed as a result of the cnlorination of power station cooling water for anti-fouling purposes. Their production was studied at 10 coastal power stations in theExpand
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Reproduction, growth rate and culture potential of the green mussel, Perna viridis (L.) in Edaiyur backwaters, east coast of India
Abstract The green mussel Perna viridis is an edible mollusc with enormous culture potential. This paper presents data on the reproduction, spat settlement and growth rate of P. viridis in EdaiyurExpand
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How effective is intermittent chlorination to control adult mussel fouling in cooling water systems?
Mussel control in cooling water systems is generally achieved by means of chlorination. Chlorine is applied continuously or intermittently, depending on cost and discharge criteria. In this paper, weExpand
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Control of Brackish Water Fouling Mussel, Mytilopsis leucophaeata (Conrad), with Sodium Hypochlorite
Though the Conrad's false mussel, Mytilopsis leucophaeata, is an important fouling animal in industrial cooling water systems, there are no published reports on the tolerance of this species toExpand
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The valve movement response of mussels: a tool in biological monitoring
Biological sensors are becoming more important to monitor the quality of the aquatic environment. In this paper the valve movement response of freshwater (Dreissena polymorpha) and marine (MytilusExpand
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Chlorination and mussel control in the cooling conduits of a tropical coastal power station
Abstract The rationale for the present study has been the continued problem of biofouling in the cooling conduits of Madras Atomic Power Station (Kalpakkam), in spite of intermittent chlorinationExpand
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Response of mussel Brachidontes striatulus to chlorination: an experimental study
Abstract Though the brackish-water mussel, Brachidontes striatulus (Hanley) (syn. Modiolus striatulus ) is an important fouling animal in power station cooling circuits, there are no publishedExpand
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Shell valve movement response of dark false mussel, Mytilopsis leucophaeta, to chlorination
Abstract Shell valve movements of fouling mussel, Mytilopsis leucophaeta, have been studied in the presence of chlorine, using a mussel monitor. Data showed increasing shell valve closure withExpand
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