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Discriminative grandparental solicitude as reproductive strategy
Abstract1,857 adults rated the grandparental solicitude they received in childhood. Through a simple model based on the evolutionary concepts of ontogenetically differentiated reproductive strategyExpand
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Universal sex differences in the desire for sexual variety: tests from 52 nations, 6 continents, and 13 islands.
Evolutionary psychologists have hypothesized that men and women possess both long-term and short-term mating strategies, with men's short-term strategy differentially rooted in the desire for sexualExpand
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Patterns and Universals of Adult Romantic Attachment Across 62 Cultural Regions
As part of the International Sexuality Description Project, a total of 17,804 participants from 62 cultural regions completedthe RelationshipQuestionnaire(RQ), a self-reportmeasure of adultExpand
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Grandparents and Extended Kin
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Are men universally more dismissing than women? Gender differences in romantic attachment across 62 cultural regions
Gender differences in the dismissing form of adult romantic attachment were investigated as part of the International Sexuality Description Project - a survey study of 17,804 people from 62 culturalExpand
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Patterns and universals of mate poaching across 53 nations: the effects of sex, culture, and personality on romantically attracting another person's partner.
As part of the International Sexuality Description Project, 16,954 participants from 53 nations were administered an anonymous survey about experiences with romantic attraction. MateExpand
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When we hurt the ones we love: Predicting violence against women from men's mate retention
Mate retention behaviors are designed to solve several adaptive problems such as deterring a partners infidelity and preventing defection from the mating relationship. Although many mate retentionExpand
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Female coital orgasm and male attractiveness
Female coital orgasm may be an adaptation for preferentially retaining the sperm of males with “good genes.” One indicator of good genes may be physical attractiveness. Accordingly, R. Thornhill, S.Expand
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Relationship-Specific Closeness of Intergenerational Family Ties
Cross-generational cultural transmission is facilitated by affectional ties between cultural model and recipient. A theory of cultural transmission must therefore account for how and why affectionalExpand
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