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Transbronchoscopic lung biopsy for diffuse pulmonary diseases: technique and results in 450 cases.
We have described a technique of transbronchoscopic biopsy of the lung and the use of this technique in patients with diffuse diseases of the lungs. Satisfactory pulmonary tissue was obtained in 378Expand
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Transbronchoscopic lung biopsy, in our opinion, can be a useful adjunct in the diagnosis and management of patients with diffuse pulmonary disease. Lung biopsy through the bronchoscope was attemptedExpand
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The diagnosis of cardiospasm.
SUMMARY Cardiospasm, or achalasia, is a nonorganic stenosis of the lower end of the esophagus. This condition must be distinguished from esophageal spasm (diffuse spasm) and reflex spasm at theExpand
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"Occult" carcinoma of the bronchus: a study of 15 cases of in situ or early invasive bronchogenic carcinoma.
A small group of cases of bronchogenic carcinoma in situ or with associated early invasion have been reviewed. The results of cytologic examination were positive in approximately 73 per cent of casesExpand
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Achalasia and carcinoma of the esophagus.
A total of 1,318 patients first treated for esophageal achalasia from 1935 to 1967 at the Mayo Clinic were observed an average of 13 years per patient. Carcinoma developed in seven of these patients,Expand
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Trachiectasis with tracheocele: report of case in which a tracheocele was resected.
Trachiectasis is characterized by dilatation of the trachea and by multiple small herniations of the membranous portion of the trachea. It has also been called tracheal or bronchial diverticulosls,1Expand
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Disturbances of swallowing and esophageal motility in patients with multiple sclerosis
AMONG the diverse symptoms of multiple sclerosis, disturbances of swallowing have received little attention. Charcot,l in his classic description of multiple sclerosis, observed: “To this symptomExpand
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