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[Optimization of the image intensifier-assisted technique of lumbar sympathetic block. Computed tomographic simulation of a paravertebral puncture access].
In order to reduce the risk of accidental trauma to major organs the paravertebral distance of insertion of the needles from the midline should not exceed 6, 7 and 10 cm for lumbar sympathetic blocks at the levels of L2, L3 and L4, respectively, however, a paraverstebral approach of less than 6 cm may cause a lateral and ventral deviation of the needle from the sympathetic chain. Expand
[The initial clinical experiences with a dynamic FLASH-2D sequence in tumors of the head and neck area].
Here the dynamic FLASH-2D sequence proved to be an important supplement for preoperative diagnosis and was found to be superior for the purpose of demonstrating contrast behaviour and concerning T-classification. Expand
Use of surface markers for MR radiotherapy planning.
It turns out, that multiplanar MR-imaging in combination with field markers on the skin is a fast simple and useful help for the control and the improvement of treatment planning. Expand
[Management strategies for a Merkel cell tumor].
[3-dimensional display of computed tomographic bone findings--a critical evaluation].