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A new species of Olopachys Berlese (Acari: Pachylaelapidae) from north-eastern Turkey
Olopachys(Olopachys) hallidayi sp. nov. is described based on the morphology of females collected from litter, moss and nest of ant in the north-eastern Turkey. The genus Olopachys is first reportedExpand
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Three new species of mites in the genus Olopachys (Acari: Pachylaelapidae) from Trabzon and Artvin Provinces, Turkey
  • H. Özbek
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  • Systematic and Applied Acarology
  • 5 May 2016
Abstract Three new species of Olopachys are described from Trabzon and Artvin Provinces, Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey. Two of the species O. digitus sp. nov. and O. semicirculus sp.nov. areExpand
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Geholaspis longispinosus (Kramer, 1876) collected from Kelkit Valley were described as a new species for Turkish fauna. Females, deutonymphs and protonymphs of G. longispinosus are presented hereExpand
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The genus Glyptholaspis Filipponi & Pegazzano (Acari: Macrochelidae) of Kelkit Valley (Turkey), with first description of male of the species G. saprophila Mašán
This study was carried out on the genus Glyptholaspis in Kelkit Valley, Turkey, during 2007-2012. Three species, G. americana (Berlese, 1888), G. confusa (Foa, 1900), and G. saprophila Masan, 2003,Expand
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Two new species of Pachyseius Berlese (Acari: Pachylaelapidae) from Turkey, with a key to the world species.
The genus Pachyseius Berlese, 1910 (Acari: Pachylaelapidae) is reported from Turkey for the first time. Pachyseius siranensis sp. nov. and Pachyseius masani sp. nov. are described from femalesExpand
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Four new species of Olopachys Berlese from Turkey (Acari: Pachylaelapidae), with a key to the world species
Abstract We describe four new species of Olopachys Berlese collected from litter, moss and rotting wood in north-eastern Turkey (Erzincan, Giresun and Gümüşhane Provinces) — O. transversalis sp.Expand
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An unusual new species of Pachylaealaps (Acari: Pachylaelapidae) from Turkey
Pachylaelaps (Longipachylaelaps) anatolicus sp. nov. is described based on the females collected from litter in north-eastern Turkey. The new species may be distinguished from the other congenersExpand
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A review of the macrochelid mites of Turkey (Acari: Macrochelidae), with new records and descriptions of three new species
This study reviews the family Macrochelidae in Turkey, with new information about species diversity. Nothrholaspis scutivagus sp. nov., Macrocheles niksarensis sp. nov. and Holostaspella bidentataExpand
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Two new species of Pachylaelaps Berlese, 1888 from the Iberian Peninsula, with a key to European species (Acari, Gamasida, Pachylaelapidae)
Abstract Pachylaelaps (Pachylaelaps) pyrenaicus sp. n. and Pachylaelaps (Longipachylaelaps) brevipilis sp. n. (Acari, Pachylaelapidae) are described and illustrated based on specimens from litter andExpand
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The mite fauna of Ekşisu Marshes in Erzincan (Turkey)
Reedbeds can be characterized as forming a transition between the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. They have distinctive animals adapted to living in aqueous conditions. Because of the lack ofExpand
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