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Differential latencies and the dynamics of the position computation process for moving targets, assessed with the flash-lag effect
To investigate the dynamics of the position computation process for a moving object in human vision, we measured the response to a continuous change in position at a constant velocity (ramp-response)Expand
Meta- and paracontrast reveal differences between contour- and brightness-processing mechanisms
We investigated meta- and paracontrast masking using tasks requiring observers to judge the surface brightness or else the contours of target stimuli. The contour task revealed strongest metacontrastExpand
Vergence Dynamics Predict Fixation Disparity
We present a neural model that combines behavioral properties of the vergence system with the neurophysiological characteristics of disparity-tuned sensory and premotor vergence cells with the asymmetric gain properties of opponent pathways. Expand
The Geometry of Visual Perception: Retinotopic and Nonretinotopic Representations in the Human Visual System
Geometry is closely linked to visual perception; yet, very little is known about the geometry of visual processing beyond early retinotopic organization. Expand
Perceptual grouping induces non-retinotopic feature attribution in human vision
The human visual system computes features of moving objects with high precision despite the fact that these features can change or blend into each other in the retinotopic image. Very little is knownExpand
A target in real motion appears blurred in the absence of other proximal moving targets
For exposure durations longer than about 40 msec, a field of dots in sampled motion has been reported to appear less smeared than predicted from the visual persistence of static displays. ThisExpand
A neural theory of retino-cortical dynamics
Unconscious, stimulus-dependent priming and conscious, percept-dependent priming with chromatic stimuli
Using metacontrast masking to suppress the conscious registration of a prime stimulus, Breitmeyer, Ro, and Singhal (2004) showed that color priming produced by a masked prime disk occurs atExpand
Target recovery in metacontrast: The effect of contrast
The visibility of a target stimulus (T) can be reduced by an aftercoming and spatially non-overlapping mask stimulus (M1), a phenomenon known as metacontrast masking. Interestingly, the visibility ofExpand
Fuzzy PID controller: Design, performance evaluation, and stability analysis
This paper presents a new fuzzy logic proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller for robotic manipulators, which violate the conventional assumption of the linear PID controller. Expand