H. von Rathlef

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Obgleich zu den obigen Problemen schon eine ganze Reihe von Arbeiten aus den letzten Jahren vorliegt, sind doch noch sehr vieie Liicken vorhanden, die dringend der Ausfi~llung bediirfen. Zuriickzufflhren ist dies z. T. auf den Umstand, dass die Forseher in fast allen FStllen als Material fiir ihre Studien die in den meisten Merkmalen heter0zygoten und(More)
mittee. This was considered to be necessary to prevent loading more potatoes than the market would stand. For most part the growers lived up to the agreement. It is true that some dug when they shouldn't and others sold to buyers outside the organization. In general, however, the original plan was followed by a very large majority of the growers. The(More)
In common with other parts of the work, Australian growers suffer periodically because under favorable climatic conditions high yields per acre pro'duce a surplus over market requirements. This can be best illustrated by stating that in a year when Australian production amounts to 300,0o0 tons, the growers aggregate returns are one million pounds sterling(More)
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