H. van Dijk

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A Bayesian reference analysis of the cointegrated vector autoregression is presented based on a new prior distribution. Among other properties, it is shown that this prior distribution distributes its probability mass uniformly over all cointegration spaces for a given cointegration rank and is invariant to the choice of normalizing variables for the(More)
This paper proposes neural network based measures of predictability in conditional mean, and then uses them to construct nonlinear analogues to autocorrelograms and partial autocorrelograms. In contrast to other measures of nonlinear dependence that rely on nonparametric estimation of densities or multivariate integration, our autocorrelograms are simple to(More)
This paper examines the forecasting performance of DSGE models with and without banking intermediation for the US economy. Over the forecast period 2001-2013, the model augmented with a banking sector leads to an improvement of point and density forecasts for inflation and the short term interest rate, while the better forecast for output depends on the(More)
This paper demonstrates that all rank test statistics are functions of implicit null space estimators. The paper proposes a novel theory of null space estimation that allows for standard asymptotics, polynomial regressions, and cointegration asymptotics. The paper proves that the behaviour of rank test statistics is completely governed by the implicit null(More)
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