H Z Zhou

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Intracellular sodium (Nai) concentrations rose immediately and progressively during ischemia in the isolated heart. The intracellular double quantum filtered sodium coherence (DQ) intensity also increased during ischemia. However, when normalized for Nai, the DQ intensity began to fall after 40 min of ischemia, and remained depressed during reperfusion.
Although hypoxia and metabolic acidosis have both been shown to impair cardiac function, some workers have suggested that acidosis during a period of hypoxia will actually accelerate physiologic recovery from this insult. To address the interactions of metabolic acidosis and hypoxia further, isolated isovolumic rat hearts were exposed to normal perfusion(More)
Intracellular recording in vivo showed that spontaneous activities of guinea-pig inferior mesenteric ganglion (IMG) neurons were inhibited when any one of the four groups of the nerves connected to the IMG was cutted or blocked, indicating that all the four groups of nerves sent in excitatory input. Colonic and hypogastric nerves convey the peripheral(More)
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