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PURPOSE The correlation between radioresistance and gamma-ray-induced G2 arrest was examined in two human cancer cell lines, HeLa (cervical carcinoma) and MeWo (melanoma). METHODS AND MATERIALS Cellular radioresistance was examined by a colony formation assay and Hoechst 33342 staining. G2 arrest induced by gamma-rays was examined by flow cytometry, and(More)
A squamous metaplasia was found in the superficial regenerative epithelium on the aberrant pancreas tissue (Heinrich type II), situated in the posterior wall of the antrum. The squamous epithelium was positively stained by keratin, according to the PAP method, and intestinal metaplasia also was found surrounding the squamous metaplasia. In this case, it was(More)
Histopathologic and histochemical changes in experimental carcinomas following cryotreatment were observed to detect alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity and UEA-1 lectin binding. Experimental carcinomas were induced in the hamster cheek pouch by topical application of 0.5% DMBA acetone solution twice a week. The cryoprobe at -60 degrees C was directly(More)
Spontaneous pneumothorax in pregnancy is said to be a rare condition. A 37-year-old woman at 13 weeks' gestation with this rare complication, was reported. The patient was first treated by chest tube drainage, which failed to get complete reexpansion of the lung, and she was managed by thoracotomy twenty days after. She delivered, at full term, a healthy(More)
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