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Unlike signature or misuse based intrusion detection techniques, anomaly detection is capable of detecting novel attacks. However, the use of anomaly detection in practice is hampered by a high rate of false alarms. Specification-based techniques have been shown to produce a low rate of false alarms, but are not as effective as anomaly detection in(More)
Process mining techniques have been used to analyze event logs from information systems in order to derive useful patterns. However, in the big data era, real-life event logs are huge, unstructured, and complex so that traditional process mining techniques have difficulties in the analysis of big logs. To reduce the complexity during the analysis, trace(More)
Zusammenfassung Conjugate Gradient Methods for the Rayleigh Quotient Minimization of Generalized Eigenvalue Problems. Here we consider a modified version of the Rayleigh quotient conjugate gradient method of Bradbury and Fletcher for the computation of the smallest eigenvalue and a corresponding eigenvector of Ax = 2Bx, where A and B are real symmetric and(More)
Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the most prevalent neurodegenerative movement disorder. Genetic studies over the past two decades have greatly advanced our understanding of the etiological basis of PD and elucidated pathways leading to neuronal degeneration. Recent studies have suggested that abnormal autophagy, a well conserved homeostatic process for protein(More)
This research introduces a new approach to model the non-linear relations among different design and manufacturing evaluation measures for multiobjective optimal concurrent design. In this approach, different design and manufacturing evaluation measures are mapped to comparable evaluation indices. The non-linear relation between an evaluation measure and(More)